May 20, 2018

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Hand Hygiene Training

The Hand Hygiene Improvement program is based on the direct observation model and standards from the Joint Commission's Center for Transforming Healthcare's Targeted Solutions Tool.

Hand Hygiene is required each time the Healthcare Worker (HCW) enters and exits the patient's room or patient care area (e.g. crosses the door or curtain track threshold). Basic Hand Hygiene Observer training demonstrates the following thresholds and summarizes key observation principles.

Training Resources:
  1. Review the general Hand Hygiene Observer Training
  2. Review each powerpoint training for the Unique Workflow situations described above.
  3. Complete the Observer Competency test and answer review.
  4. New Hand Hygiene Data Entry Training
  5. Training is available by appointment. Contact Infection Control at Hand Hygiene email.
Some modifications to the basic entry/exit standard have been approved by HEIC to guide compliance monitoring for selected workflow and occupational groups. Photos of these approved standards and workflow are presented for:
  1. Hospitality - Cleaning
  2. Hospitality - Linen, Trash, & Stericycle
  3. Nutrition and Food Services;
  4. Rehabilitation Services;
  5. "Hands Full"
  6. Patient Transport;
  7. Portable Equipment - Interventional Radiology;
  8. Volunteers